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A member of the
Producers Guild of America and the Television Academy, serves on the Teamster 399 Location Manager Steering Committee, and formerly served as a Board member of the Location Managers Guild. He works closely with the Association of Film Commissioners International and many of their affiliated film commissioners around the world.

Educated at the California Institute of the Arts, he then worked in physical production, developed, packaged and budgeted in pre-production, and supervised post thorough final delivery on feature films, television, and commercials. He has earned the recognition of his peers with a California On Location Award for Commercial Location Professional of the Year in 2010, COLA nominations in 2013 and 2017, and a nomination for the inaugural Location Managers Guild Award for Commercial Location Professional in 2014.

Active with both the LMGI and the PGA International Committees, Kent continuously keeps up to date familiarizing himself with the various regional incentives and benefits they offer, assisting developing areas understand the potential economic benefits of the film industry, and teach them how to attract Hollywood productions. 

He is uniquely qualified to advise productions on the advantages and disadvantages of filming in the zone, outside traditional production centers, and the need to study and create budgets for various regions to capitalize on the incentives and weigh the difficulties of filming in distant locales.

As such, he has been interviewed by several trade publications and asked to speak on the changes in the business model of filmmaking today to embrace the ever changing landscape of incentives and crew growth and migration.

No stranger to the nomadic nature of film production, he has been called on to scout and manage shoots in the blistering heat of Death Valley, the icy slopes of Mt. Hood, offshore on the oil rigs dotting the California coast, and the slums of downtown Los Angeles.  Additionally, he has been sent abroad on shoots in Japan, Thailand, Hawaii, and has developed an extensive network of contacts throughout the Pacific Rim.

An avid sailor and adventurer, Kent is US Coast Guard certified in STCW-95 Basic Safety and Lifeboatman, and spends his spare time volunteering with the Los Angeles Maritime Institute helping at-risk youths learn teamwork and discipline through the natural challenges presented by the sea, and uses the lessons learned through the ever changing environment that is the sea to deal with the day to day issues normally associated with film production.

Kent supports Pan-Pacific filmmaking through supporting memberships with Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment, Visual Communications, and the Hawaii International Film Festival.


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A creative line producer and award winning location manager with over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry, Kent Matsuoka is capable and knowledgeable in all aspects of production with extensive contacts and resources in locations around the world.